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We turn dreams into great creative solutions

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Workshop team

Workshop team

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We are a interior design office with their own workshop to produce hand made furniture based on the wishes of our customers. We deliver Turnkey projects for you including all the contacts with building companies and other suppliers, so that all worries are taken out of your hands. We design, manange and deliver your project turnkey as we agreed infront of the project. But if you just want to order a hand made furniture, we have many years of experience in the fabrication of:


Portfolio projects

Below we give a short overview of some projects out of our portfolio. Please click on a picture and you can toggle between the images of that project.

Coco Park Sukhumvit-Rong Poh

Coco Park
Sukhumvit-Rong Poh

The village bangna

The village bangna

Diya valley sriracha

Diya valley sriracha

Maneerin privacy sriracha

Maneerin privacy sriracha



Hippopotamus restaurant

Hippopotamus restaurant

The secene chonburi

The secene chonburi

Vela village Sriracha

Vela village Sriracha

Ideo rama9 condo

Ideo rama9 condo

Baan rimkhao

Baan rimkhao

Supalai loft yaektaichai

Supalai loft yaektaichai

Lumpini Rama3

Lumpini Rama3

Niche mono sukhumvit

Niche mono sukhumvit

Baan rim suan

Baan rim suan


Furniture types

Below you will find an impression about furniture types which we make a lot.
If you may have some questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Wardobe B9
49,000 baht

Wardobe B8
46,000 baht

Wardrobe B7
37,500 baht

Wardrobe B6
34,500 baht

Wardrobe B5
27,600 baht

Wardrobe B4
78,500 baht

Wardrobe B3
39,500 baht

Wardrobe B2
57,500 baht

Wardrove B1
32,200 baht

Set A3 TV cabinet + wall paneling
45,600 baht

A2 set TV cabinet + wall paneling
48,000 baht

Set A1 TV cabinet + wooden shelf
32,500 baht


We turn dreams into great creative solutions

You do not want a standard interior?

And don't have the adequate budget for a design interior?
Do not let that be a problem; with these tips you give your house a luxurious look without having to pay a lot of money for it.
It is a Little effort, but it gives a great effect: with these tips from 29 Design Estate your home looks better than ever before.

3 is the magic number

Hanging 3 panels above the couch immediately looks luxurious, but buying 3 artworks will cost you a fortune. Solution: make them yourself! Download free art, print the image in large format at the copy shop, cut the image into 3 pieces and list them.

Create an illusion

The larger the carpet, the larger the space seems. You can attach several smaller carpets together for a special effect. Go for neutral colors and hang a mirror for an extra large result.

Less is more

Instead of filling up a closet with knick-knacks, you better go for a more minimalist look. Put a few books and vases upright in the cupboard. They fill the room without it looking cluttered. By using objects of different sizes and colors, you give the cabinet personality.

Think big

Every space needs a focal point that makes things a whole. Do not you have that yet? Then hang something on the wall that you can not ignore. To save costs you can paint yourself. Do not hang a few petty paintings next to each other, but go for pronounced and big. Are not you so creative? Then locate the nearest art academy where you can often find beautiful pieces for a soft price.

Feeling for drama

You can make a boring bedroom more interesting by painting one wall in a dark color. You can also hang a carpet on the wall. The texture of the wall behind the bed gives the room a warm and finished look. Because you only do one wall, you save a lot of money (and time).

Natural light

Are you such a lucky person who lives in a house with lots of natural light and a special construction? Let that light and the foundation be the star of space. Use neutral colors and avoid boring by, for example, throwing a pillow with a striking print on the couch.

Go for a surprise element

With simple desktops you can make a fantastic headboard behind the bed. A dark desktop pops nicely against a light wall. Another simple but effective tip: turn the cushions a quarter turn so that they take the shape of a diamond instead of a square.

Emphasize the view

Blessed with a beautiful view? Do not be afraid to hang curtains. With this you frame the view, but you avoid striking colors to keep the attention on the windows. Do you have 'too much' space at home and do not know what to do with it? Tap a wooden dining table on the head in a thrift store and cut the table legs until you have a low cocktail table. How chic!

Mix & match

Do not be afraid to combine furniture from different decades. Not everything needs to be brand new or vintage. It is the mix that keeps it exciting. If you keep the furniture in the same color it is not too matchy-matchy, but it fits together anyway.

BNI Ocean

BNI Ocean Chapter

29 Design Estate is a member of the BNI Ocean Chapter. This is an entrepreneurs club in the Eastern region. We are a united network and deliver service solutions to you as our customer. We expand the business oppertunites among our bni club members in order to grow our business and netwerk.

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29 Design-Estate

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under cellphone number 093-23 99 696, send us a message on Line: @29design or just send us an email: [email protected]
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